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Transactions of the Kent Field Club - Volume 20

Transactions  of the Kent Field Club - Volume 20


A variety of topical research projects by KFC members.

The Natural History of the Isle of Sheppey

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Volume 18 of the Kent Field Club Transactions (272pp) presents papers from the Kent Wildlife Conference on the subject plus addional papers sourced by the editor; John Badmin.


  • Badmin, J.S. Sheppey: An introduction
  • Tittley, I. Sheppey: observations on its long history of natural history and flora
  • Young, C. The geology and landscape of the Isle of Sheppey
  • Kitchener, G.D. The vascular plants of Sheppey
  • Oliver, P.J. Birds on Sheppey - 50 years of change
  • Ryan, H.J. Terrestrial and Chiropteran mammals of the Isle of Sheppey
  • Badmin, J.S. Flora and fauna of the soft cliffs of Sheppey
  • Moyse, R. A provisional atlas of the Orthoptera of the Isle of Sheppey
  • Gardner, D. Sheppey's moths: using the Kent Lepidoptera database
  • Carr, R. Aquatic Coleoptera on the Isle of Sheppey
  • Badmin, J.S. Sheppey's saltmarshes
  • Tittley, I. The marine algae (seaweeds) of Sheppey and comments on other marine plants
  • Chapman, B & Booth, F.A. Native and non-native marine fauna on natural and man-made intertidal habitats around Sheppey
  • Delaney, N.J. Revisiting the habitat definition of the marshes on Chetmey and the Isle of Sheppey
  • Standford, J. Future challenges for Sheppey's wildlife
  • Badmin, J.S. Sheppey Gazetteer
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