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Transactions of the Kent Field Club - Volume 20

Transactions  of the Kent Field Club - Volume 20


A variety of topical research projects by KFC members.

Kent's Heathlands
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Volume 19 of the Transactions of the Kent Field Club presents papers from the 2012 Kent Wildlife Conference on the subject of Kent's heathlands. 


  • Tittley, I. The Kent Wildlife Conference 2012
  • Booth, F. Introduction - why Hothfield?
  • Tittley, I. Kent's heathlands: mapping and recording
  • Burnham, C.P. The geology and soils of heathland in Kent
  • Phillips, M. The impact of heathland on the conservation status of reptiles in Kent
  • Buckingham, S. Some vascular plants of Hothfield Heathlands and changes to the vegetation
  • Hendy, J. The Bryophytes of Hothfield bogs
  • Palmer, K.A. The moths of Hothfield Heathlands
  • Rickards, I Hothfield heathlands: four decades of management. A comparison of how managment has changed from 1974 to 2012
  • John, J. & Price, J. Heathland restoration at Keston and Hayes Commons: Part of Darwin's landscape laboratory
  • Beavis, I.C. Tunbridge Wells heathlands: past and present
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